Book a Store Visit or measure.

If you would like to visit the store, please book a time using our system below and pick store visit.

Please let us know when you would like us to come around to measure your home for new carpets or flooring.

What we’re doing in-store:
We’ve kitted out our teams with PPE, including visors, gloves, masks – so they may look a bit stranger than normal
Our tills, phones, payment portals and all surfaces are sanitised after every use and every evening with fluid alcohol or a bleach solution.
Shortened opening hours, so that there is additional time for cleaning.
Updated our processes to remove paper and cash as much as possible.
We’ve stopped offering tea and coffee in-store.

What we’re asking you to do:
If you’re feeling poorly, please wait until you feel better before visiting us!
Please shop alone wherever possible.
Keep your distance – please stay 2 metres away.
Use the hand sanitiser provided, or ask to use our sink for washing hands
Our team are working very hard, in trying circumstances, so please bear with us!