Book a Store Visit, A Measure or Shop AT HOME!

If you would like to book a bespoke 1-1 store visit, please choose a date and time best suited for yourself using our booking system. We’re currently not accepting store visits at this time

If you’d like a member of our team to come out and measure up for you then please book a measure using our booking system. Select what you require measuring and choose a date and time to best suit you! Please note if you choose the shop at home service we can measure up at the same time, there is no need to book an additional measuring appointment.

We’ve kitted out our in store teams and the fitter(s) with all the relevant PPE! Our tills, phones, payment portals and surfaces are sanitised after every use and every evening with fluid alcohol or a bleach solution. We’ve updated our processes to remove paper and cash as much as possible. (cash payments are still available and will be accepted)
We’ve stopped offering tea and coffee in-store – Sorry! We’re upset too! And at present we can’t let you in our store. 

You do not need to make a store appointment to visit our store, Only use the store visit appointment if you’d like a dedicated bespoke 1-1 service! (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) 

What we’re asking you to do when and before visiting us:
If you’re feeling poorly, please wait until you feel better before visiting us!
Please shop alone wherever possible, family members are welcome to join you though! We wont refuse you entry! Keep your distance – please stay 2 metres away.
Use the hand sanitiser provided, or ask to use our sink for washing of hands.
Our team are working very hard, in trying circumstances, so please bear with us!

You’re also now required by law to wear a face covering when entering our store as per the latest government announcements.

Regular Guidance and updates will be posted when we receive them.

Thanks for your co-operation!