About Berriman Carpets Limited 

Berriman Carpets Limited aims to give you the best possible value and service at all times. The following Terms and Conditions will explain how we will deal with your order and you should read them carefully.

The information on this website is given in good faith and Berriman Carpets Limited cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the information or its use or misuse.

Your Order & Cancellations

When you place an order you are inviting us to enter into a contract with you to supply the products you have selected at the price indicated on your invoice. When we receive your order and the goods have been paid for in full we will send an acknowledgment email direct to the manufacturers to order the flooring chosen by you, at this point cancellations cannot be accepted.

If you have provided your own measurements, you are responsible for these being accurate and Berriman Carpets Limited accepts no liability if the floorcovering does not fit. Therefore, please make sure that these are correct at the time of ordering to avoid any issues upon delivery or when the floorcovering is fitted.


While we try and get things right first time, occasionally things don’t go according to plan. Subject always to your statutory rights, if your floorcovering is not of satisfactory quality or is not fit for a purpose which was made known to us, we will replace any defective floorcovering and arrange for the defective floorcovering to be uplifted and disposed of straight away.

If there is a problem with the fitting which we arranged and are referred to in these terms and conditions, we will ask the fitter concerned to revisit your property in order for your fitter to carry out any necessary remedial works. This may be referred to as a ‘SNAG’. Any contract for fitting is between you and the fitter.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

This provision does not affect any liability we have for fraud or fraudulent misstatement or for personal injury arising out of our negligence.

Fitting (Floorcoverings)

If you wish us to arrange for your floorcovering to be fitted, we can supply you with a list of qualified trained carpet fitters, all fitters on our database are independent self-employed carpet and floor covering fitters, they carry their own individual indemnity insurance and independently guarantee their own work.  If you would like us to arrange fitting of your floorcovering then we will request that one of the independent fitters from our database is given your full details and will attend your address to install your floorcovering on a date that is mutually convenient for both parties which will be agreed upon when purchasing your floorcovering. By agreeing to these terms you authorise us to act on your behalf and liaise with the fitter and arrange the fitting of your product(s) (and uplift of your current products if you have chosen this option) The contract for fitting will be under a separate agreement between you and the fitter. You must pay the fitter for the fitting services on completion of the fitting, unless the fitting is taking place on different occasions, in which case you must pay the fitter for the work completed on each occasion (for example, if a lounge, hall, and dining room carpet are fitted in months 1, 2 and 3, as part of a home refurbishment, you must pay the fitter the relevant proportion of the fitting charge upon completion of fitting each room).  You also understand that the removal of your excess carpet or floorcovering (any carpet left over from the fitting) is not included in the price and is not the responsibility of the independent fitter or Berriman Carpets limited unless otherwise agreed in writing as this is your property, any waste from the fitting which includes tubes, inserts, wrapping, used grippers, carpet rods and any other waste associated with the fitting of the carpet and/or floor covering will not be removed by the fitter or Berriman Carpets Limited.  Alternatively, you may make any other arrangements for fitting the product yourself.

Disposal of New & Old Carpets 

It is your responsibility to uplift your existing flooring prior to the independent fitters’ arrival. Your fitter will then bag up any offcuts from your new flooring where possible and leave them for you to dispose of. If you would like to keep any offcuts, please advise your fitter upon arrival at your home. Your fitter will move up to five pieces of empty furniture from your room. This does not include white or electrical goods, pianos, antiques, or items over 4ft in height, please ensure that these items contents are cleared prior to the fitting date to avoid any delays or inconvenience with your fitting. If you request that the fitter moves or removes any of the above mentioned non-included items and the fitter decides that they will accommodate you and move them then you understand that the fitter will not be liable for any damage caused in moving those items, you accept full responsibility for any damage caused and in any case Berriman Carpets Limited accept no responsibility for any damage incurred.

If you require an Uplift and removal of old floor coverings as well as new floor coverings to be fitted, please mention this at point of sale to the member of staff taking your order, this will be an additional charge. Any waste from the fitting which includes tubes, inserts, wrapping, used grippers, carpet rods and any other waste associated with the fitting or uplifting/removal of any carpet and/or floor covering will not be removed by the fitter or Berriman Carpets Limited and is your responsibility to remove and responsibly dispose of the waste yourself.

We expect self-employed floorcoverings installers to cover the cost of travel up to a 30-mile round trip from the store to the installation address. There may be additional charges for longer distances, difficult parking restrictions or unusual requests e.g. ferry crossings. These charges will be payable to the fitter.


Please inspect the completed work with your fitter before they leave, this is known as a “walk round”, during the walk round the fitter will ensure that you are happy with the service received, it is your responsibility to ensure that any issues are addressed whilst inspecting the completed work. Your fitter should be able to address any issues which are identified. If a problem with the fitting manifests itself after the product has been fitted, please either contact your fitter directly or in the first instance, let the store who is arranging the fitting know if there are issues, the store will then raise the issue with the fitter.

Damage and scuff marks

Fitters undertake to carry out their work with reasonable skill and care, but even with the greatest care home décor may be marked or scuffed during the fitting process. New paintwork and wallpaper are especially vulnerable and should be allowed too fully dry. A minimum of two weeks is recommended. No fitter will undertake to carry out any redecoration, except where damage has been caused by that person’s negligence, should any negligence occur it will be the responsibility of the independent fitter/installer to remedy. Berriman Carpets will work with you to resolve any problem you may have a fitter but take no responsibility for any damage by doing so. Berriman Carpets Limited may take the route of removing any fitter from their approved database if that fitter refuses to mediate with you. At all times the contract for fitting any floorcovering remains between you and the fitter/installer.

Door Trimmings

Doors may need to be trimmed to allow clearance. This is not a service we provide however we can arrange for doors to be trimmed by a self employed joiner. We may require over one weeks notice to arrange this, depending on how busy we are.
Our fitters may need to remove doors to facilitate fitting and have them ready for you or your appointed carpenter to trimming and re-hanging.
If you have fire doors which need trimming you will require a specialist carpenter and this is not a service Berriman Carpets offer. We are also unable to remove fire doors and so you will need to arrange this prior to your install.

Fitting Times

Fitting and estimator appointments are made in good faith. The exact time of arrival cannot be guaranteed nor can the duration of the install due to the nature and unpredictability of the work involved. We cannot accept liability for late arrivals.

Subfloor Preparation

Some subfloors may require preparation before carpets or floor-coverings can be fitted. . We provide a subfloor preparation service at an extra charge. We do not guarantee that this will make a subfloor entirely even or level. . If a subfloor has not been prepared we cannot be held liable for imperfections to carpets and floor-coverings being fitted to imperfect subfloors.


We require payments in full prior to your fitting date and this needs to be paid no later than one week before your installation date. We accept all forms of payments – Cash, Card & Bank Transfers. We don’t accept American express.

Can I move my fitting date? 

The simple answer is yes, within a set amount of time – If you were to cancel the day before fitting you may be liable to an extra fitting charge this would be at Berriman Carpets discretion. All adjustments to fitting dates must be made in writing or by email to ourselves. info@berrimancarpets.co.uk is the email address you should use.